Pre-doctoral student in the field of Nutrition metabolism and dementia

 |  25.11.2022

The research Group in Nutrition and Metabolic Health from the Institute of Health Pere Virgili is currently looking for a pre-doctoral student interested in the field of nutrition, metabolism and dementia.

Our research group is leading a national funded project aimed to integrate life-style and multi-omics data to study cognitive function, cognitive decline and progression to dementia.

Results from the study would be useful to generate novel knowledge on the disease and to design preventive and/or therapeutic strategies for the prevention or amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease.

The successful candidate must have a Degree in Biomedicine, Biotechnology or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or other biomedical science-related degree. A final mark above 8.0 is needed. To get the grant, the candidate has to be either accepted in a Doctorate Program or having a Master Degree (finished later than 1st January 2020). Previous experience in molecular methodologies (DNA-RNA extraction, RT-PCR) and animal manipulation will be considered. Publications, posters, congress attendance and other merits will be also well-considered. Self-motivation, independence and flexible working attitude and an ability to motivate workmates will be positively evaluated.

Applicants should upload a Motivation Letter, Curriculum Vitae and a copy of the Degree’s marks to before 25th November 2022.