The Food Innovation Network – XIA has grouped in a portfolio of advanced technological services a total of 19 proposals from the Research Groups of the XIA with innovative solutions to solve the main challenges of the sector in alternative proteins field.

In the following list you can find out in detail the technological data sheets of the different proposals of the XIA Research Groups in this area.

New sources of alternative protein:

Protein-rich legume seed bank (Ana Rivera)

Fundació Miquel Agustí – UPC

Study of the feasibility of reducing the percentage of soy in monogastric and ruminant feed by using more sustainable protein sources (Nuria Tous)

Nutrició Animal i Producció de Remugants – IRTA

Sustainable alternatives to the use of fish meal and vegetable meal as a protein source in aquaculture (Alicia Estevez)

Programa Aqüicultura – IRTA

The production of ingredients, lipid and protein concentrates for human food and animal feed from ground insects (Silvia de Lamo i Carme Güell)

FoodIE – URV

Platform for the generation of high added value peptide hydrolysates from by-products of the agri-food industry (Miquel Mulero)

Nutrigenòmica – URV

Development of healthy alternative proteins:

Characterisation of proteins and protein hydrolysates for the improvement and differentiation of new products by proteomic analysis   (Fernando Benavente)

Bioanalisi – UB

Life cycle analysis of new alternative protein sources  (Joan Colon)


Development of rapid solutions for analysis and quality control of plant protein sources using NIR spectroscopy (Anna Palou)

Fundació Miquel Agustí – UPC

Design, formulation and production of foods with alternative protein sources (Albert Ribas)

Funcionalitat i Seguretat Alimentàries – IRTA

Platform for the production of alternative protein isolates and concentratess (Ricard Bou)

Indústries Alimentàries – IRTA

Enhancement of alternative proteins with Ultra High Pressure Homogenisation – UHPH  (Toni Trujillo i Victòria Ferragut)


Development of alternative proteins using pulsed electric field and ultrasound technologiess (Robert Soliva i Pedro Elez)

Tecnologies Innovadores per a l’Obtenció d’Ingredients i Productes Alimentaris – UdL

Solutions for the texturisation and functionalisation of alternative proteins (Filiberto Sanchez)

Tecnologia i Qualitat Alimentàries – IRTA

Extraction, characterisation and improved techno-functionality of alternative proteins for developing meat and fish analogues (Dolors Parés)

Tecnologia dels Aliments – UdG

Bio-processing of fibre to increase the solubility and availability of protein (Marta Capellas)


Insect protein for situations of nutritional protein deficiency (Anna Ardévol)

MoBioFood – URV


CONBELAB – Consumer Behaviour Laboratory aimed at understanding consumer behaviour with respect to alternative protein-based foods – (Anna Claret)

Programa de Qualitat i Tecnologia Alimentàries – IRTA

New culinary applications of alternative proteins (Laia Badal)

Fundació Alícia

Improving the acceptance of insect proteins in mass catering through 3D printing (Silvia de Lamo)

FoodIE – URV

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