Insect protein for situations of nutritional protein deficiency

Anna Ardévol | MobioFood (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

Protein derived from certain insects is environmentally friendly while providing amino acid ratios of high biological quality, which are suitable for consumers suffering from nutritional deficiencies, as in some cases they stimulate intake.

The market for products to treat poor appetite is very small. It is very common in these cases to recommend products aimed at covering the nutritional deficiencies of patients suffering from poor appetite. Multivitamin supplements and nutritional supplements are the most commonly recommended and there is a wide range on offer. But such products do not address the lack of hunger, so they do not solve the problem.

There is a demand for stimulant products for both children and adults that is currently not being met by adequate solutions.

Our group provides tools to analyse the gastrointestinal function of nutrients in a polarised manner. It is also possible to carry out studies on changes in intake in laboratory rats and there is the possibility of carrying out studies with groups close to the target groups identified.


The company providing the insect source has shown interest in the project, as some of the insects are already authorised for human consumption, although others are in the process of being authorised as a Novel Food.

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