PeptideGo. A bioinformatics platform for valorisation and guidance for obtaining bioactive peptides from alternative protein sources under industrial conditions

Gerard Pujadas | Quimioinformàtica i Nutrició (URV)

PeptideGo is a peptide digestion simulation software platform. Many strategic sectors such as nutriceuticals, animal nutrition, functional foods, sports supplements, cosmetics, etc. use functional peptides with high added value, with a strong upward trend expected in the short-medium term.

Obtaining higher quality peptides at a competitive price is therefore a primary requirement for companies in these sectors: one of the solutions proposed in this regard is the use of alternative protein sources, which are more economical and sustainable than traditional ones, such as microalgae and insects. These sources are normally directed towards animal feed, whereas this proposal relates to the sourcing of ingredients for the human food chain and consequently aims to move up the hierarchy of food use. The solution is aimed at both companies producing bioactive peptides and at those involved in generating proteins from these innovative sources. In fact, it is designed to be an industrial and economic driver between these two types of companies.

PeptideGo offers the possibility of working with a set of factors that other existing platforms do not currently take into account. These include: the industrial scalability of the results; the possibility of simulating how to obtain the pure peptide of interest, both with qualitative and quantitative results (what the activity of the peptide is and how potent it is); the possibility of allowing more than one protein as input when purity is not essential; conditions and proteins for obtaining a peptide in a pure form and the quantitative bioactivity of the peptide.

The platform addresses key expectations of the companies concerned by increasing the commercial value of alternative, cost-effective and sustainable protein sources, while facilitating and simplifying their use for the production of high value-added bioactive peptides in pure form. This also facilitates the possibility of launching new products on the market with attributes that are in high demand by their customers, such as a higher concentration of the active ingredient.

Experience with companies

A prototype of PeptideGo is available for use both in demonstration activities and in projects seeking to valorise an alternative protein to obtain anti-diabetic and/or antihypertensive peptides, or to identify the alternative protein that could be used to obtain a specific peptide. The prototype can search for bioactive peptides in microalgae of different genera (Botryococcus, Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Dunaliella, Phaeodactylum, Porphyridium, Scenedesmus and Spirulina) and in the Acheta domesticus and Tenebrio molitor insects.

The service offered by PeptideGo may be primarily of interest to companies producing alternative proteins (insect farms and microalgae photobioreactors) and companies using peptides in their products (functional foods, pet food and cosmetics industry).

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