Collaborative agri-food transfer and research

The Food Innovation Network is the RDI network for Catalonia in the agri-food sector, made up of more than 400 specialized researchers from 13 research bodies in the country. We offer comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by the sector and have 16 pilot plants distributed throughout the region, as well as all the knowledge and technology emerging from the 43 specialized research groups that make up the network.

XIA draws on the valuable dynamics and results of the Government of Catalonia’s former Food Technology Reference Network (XaRTA), a leading body in the transfer of knowledge and agri-food technology since 1995. We thereby bring together all the knowledge and technology obtained in recent years in a broad portfolio of technological solutions that are constantly evolving.

Our goal is to transform the food RDI system through research, stimulating the collaboration of all stakeholders such as academia, business, public authorities and social organizations in order to achieve greater economic and social impact.

Our work is focused on transfer and innovation, through the promotion of initiatives to solve complex industry challenges and to give value to research results in the fields of Nutrition and Health, Food Quality and Safety, Gastronomy and Sensory Quality, and Sustainability.

We also intend to become a true reference tool for both the sector and society as food consumers, providing accurate and well-founded information on issues of general interest related to nutrition and food.

XIA in figures

400 researchers
13 research bodies
43 research groups
16 pilot plants

A key player in the promotion of sustainable research

XIA’s objectives are in line with those set by the main national and international organizations, such as the UN’s SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, the EU’s European Green Deal, the Strategic Food Plan for Catalonia (PEAC) 2021-2026, the Strategic Plan for Agri-Food Research, Innovation and Transfer in Catalonia (PRITAC), and the Government of Catalonia’s recent Plan for Economic Recovery and Social Protection.

Through our Expert Committees in the different areas in which we specialize, we have prioritized the main challenges included in these strategic plans. Following these guidelines, our research groups work collaboratively to seek the best technological solutions to achieve these global objectives.

Expert Committees

XIA organizes its work through Expert Committees for each Area of Specialization, and it is these committees who establish the Main Strategic Areas prioritized by the network. These committees allow us to identify inspiring solutions and disruptive trends, fostering mutual learning about the food system and establishing visions and strategic lines of action.

We benefit from a large critical mass in research that is made up of more than 400 researchers and which allows us to improve the competitiveness of companies’ products and processes, ensuring sustainable development and research to drive initiatives with high social impact.

XIA Expert Committees have the following representatives:


Antonio José Trujillo Mesa (UAB)
Pere Gou (IRTA)


Cristina Andrés Lacueva (UB)
Mònica Bulló (URV)


Robert Soliva Fortuny (UdL)
Laia Badal (Fundació ALÍCIA)


Joan Colón Jordà (UVIC)
Anna Gras (UPC)

The research groups that make up XIA

The Food Innovation Network is made up of 43 research groups recognized by the Government of Catalonia, forming an extensive network of researchers and specialized facilities with great scientific, economic and social impact.

The Food Innovation Network (XIA) has received a co-financing grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the support of the Secretariat for Universities and Research at the Catalan Government’s Department of Enterprise and Knowledge. This is aimed at RDI networks and coordinated through the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG) to implement schemes aimed at the giving value to and transferring research results.